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Healthcare is a lifelong partner for people living with a diagnosis.

Genia enables patients and their care team to improve communication and share information flows in order to co-produce better care plans. 


“Check-in reports help me in supporting families that have early difficulties with new treatments. They feel more taken care of when they send me weekly reports and I can see when their symptoms or side effects improve.”

Pediatric Pulmonary Physician, Lund CF Center

“Right now they like their care team way more than they like their parents, and when their care team sees this [Genia observations and reports] and praise them, I think it really comes across that they are cared about.”   

Parent, CF Center at Children's of Alabama, Birmingham

Let's have a look at how it works, meet Victor.

Genia was created by patients, families and care teams to support co-production with trustful information sharing and relationship building. 


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