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Genia is developed and grounded in end user’s lived experiences 

Our mission is to reduce the burden of illness for people living with a diagnosis by radically improving the ability of individuals, families and professionals to co-produce improved clinical practice and better care at home.

Inspired by learning from scholars at the Dartmouth Institute Andreas Hager, who has a daughter with CF, founded Genia. Andreas saw the importance of facilitating for all the individuals in the clinical microsystem to work together, supporting patients and families in contributing and taking on a more qualified role in lessening the illness burden. He realized that for patients and families, this would require some biomedical knowledge and some understanding about the systems of professional care they encounter, as well as knowledge about the resources, and the social support available by both patient and professionals.

This notion of all working together, combining the efforts of everyone; healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, payers, planners and educators, is what Prof. Batalden and his colleagues at Dartmouth mean can lead to better patient outcomes, better system performance and better professional development. Prof. Batalden also highlights the importance of building such collaborative care on competence:

”I would like to help others understand us better. Sometimes you don’t listen and don’t see what we want to teach you. I want you to go home and know how it is to be a patient.” 

Sonia, a 10-year old child with CF

Today, the Genia mHealth platform builds on over twenty years of research and development at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in collaboration with the Dartmouth Institute in the US. Facilitating patient-controlled information flows and supporting registry-based learning health systems.

2012 Genia is launched, created by patients, families and care teams to support their mutual partnership with trustful information sharing and relationship building.

2015 The platform is integrated with the nationwide EHR and Patient Registry in Sweden.

2017 Together with researchers from the Dartmouth Institute and the pediatric rheumatology community a modular, disease independent, platform is developed.   

2019 The platform is adapted to the needs of patients, families, and healthcare providers in the US. Over the course of two years it is successfully tested with the CF healthcare team at the UAB/Children’s of Alabama (CoA) Pediatric CF Center.

2020 In collaboration with patients and care teams the Antibiotics Check-in is launched, enabling patients to report their antibiotics usage to their care team. For better control and quality of information. 

2021 Introduced cloud bases personal data stores supported by Amazon Web Services, and integrated with the REDCap research database system, as well as the Allscript's EHR platform. 

2022 Onboarding of all patients at the CoA Pediatric CF Center.


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