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Let us explain how Genia supports cooperation for optimal care


Clinics and Researchers

Genia provides a way for patients to gather observations and record treatments between visits to their clinic, and then send the information directly to their clinic’s EHR in a secure format. The clinic can also ask the patient to fill out questionnaires electronically between visits or before a visit, as an alternative to filling out paper forms in the waiting room.

All relevant information is compiled into a pre-visit report that improves decision making and treatment plans, while also heightening engagement among patients and job satisfaction among CF care team members. The structured real world patient information that is gathered can also be transferred into a RedCap research database and used for research purposes.

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Patients and families

Genia supports you in keeping track of your health and better communicating your needs, concerns, and goals with your family and care team. 

You can track your treatments and medications, how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis, receive health news relevant to your condition and interests, and prepare for upcoming appointments with your healthcare team.

“When we send a report in advance, the care team meeting becomes extremely more efficient. Everything goes smoother and faster. They understand our situation and what we need”

The app has been designed and tested with patients of all ages and a variety of diagnoses. We are focused on working with patients to create an intuitive design that people of any age or level of digital experience can easily use.


Genia is registered as medical technology equipment (CE marked). It is your personal health data store (PDS) where you decide what, how and with whom you wish to share information about your health.

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