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Improve practice efficiency and joy in work by optimizing time with patients

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Genia promotes co-production of care by providing a platform that bridges information gaps between patients and healthcare. Tools for patient reporting in-between or before clinical visits are all co-designed together with healthcare. Using pre-visit reports, the care team can better understand the patient and design better treatment plans together.


Simplified routine before visits

Prior to a visit the patient prepares by answering pre-visit questions in the Genia app. The answers are sent to the clinic as a pdf or as data and can be imported into the EHR or into a REDCap server. Any additional forms the clinic requires patients to fill out can easily be digitized, eliminating paper forms and time consuming documentation in the EHR. 

Structured information gathering between visits

Between visits, the patient keeps track of their own health in the Genia app. When something happens, they can make notes, take pictures and evaluate symptoms. Antibiotics and other medications are logged continuously.

Also, users are prompted to answer a health check-in every other week. The clinic can adapt the questions and frequency to suit their information needs, tailoring the questionnaire to different users groups, or even to different individuals.


Trends and insights in a visual format

Over time, the patient's observations, treatment data and check-ins are aggregated in the Genia app. 

When it is time for a clinic visit, the care team receives a meaningful overview visualizing trends and correlations for better insight into how the patient has been since the last visit. It reduces guess work, improves decision making and encourages co-production.

Genia improves engagement, satisfaction and outcomes

The Genia workflow has proven to be acceptable to both patients and clinics over long time. It improves the information flow between the patient and the care team, which in turn leads to increased patient engagement, and higher job satisfaction among care team members.


And in the end, better outcomes.

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