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Better collaboration with healthcare and your care team

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Note how your treatments affect your health

Keep track of and organize your treatments by logging your medications, including duration and reminders.


Tracking treatments and commenting on their effect can help you better understand how they impact your health. Finished treatments are saved with your comments and evaluation.


A list of your current and finished treatments is part of your pre-visit report.


Observe how you feel and recognize patterns

In between appointments you enter notes and observations when something occurs to better describe how you feel and remember what to bring up with your care team.


By completing a Health Check-in every other week you start a habit of reflecting on your health. The questions in the Health Check-in are adapted to your diagnosis and over time, you will be able to see patterns and trends.

Measurements from a scale or a spirometer can be entered manually in Genia or automatically transferred.


Share information before the meeting with your care team

Prepare for your appointment by filling out your pre-visit report at home. By answering the questions and sharing your experiences in advance, you will bring everyone up to speed quickly and make the care meeting about what is most important to you.

Using your report the care team can evaluate your treatments, better understand health trends, and read your comments on symptoms that you choose to include.

If you enter the date of your next appointment in the Genia app ahead of time, you will get a reminder when it’s time to prepare and send your report


Your personal datastore

Genia is a safe place where you decide what, how and with whom you want to share information about your health. 

Privacy of patient data and information flows is key to Genia. Laws protecting personal health data are ensured by a health data officer and the Genia app is registered as a medical information device in Europe (CE marked Class II MDR).

You can also personalize Genia to make it better fit your life and routines. Choose between several kits that adapt the app to your wants and needs, from quick health check-ins to reporting antibiotics. Measurements from external devices can be imported to help you keep everything organized in one place.


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